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CORE Selling Skills

Sales is craft, an art almost. CORE Selling Skills teaches you the tricks of the trade.

Sales: from paper to performance

Every buying decision is an opportunity for improvement—a moment for customers to get ahead. You can make customers see this. Not by selling, but by helping customers buy. That is the starting point for high-end sales. CORE Selling Skills offers you the techniques to achieve this.


Practical Sales Training

In a practical training session with a series of cases and role-plays, you will hone your craft. Here, we work with people’s personal talents, because sales can never be a gimmick. From behavior recognition to psychological influencing and dealing with objections, to high-impact questioning. CORE Selling Skills are advanced techniques that demand quite a bit from your team. With a thorough preparation we ensure a program perfectly tailored to your organization.


Challenge your customer

With the help of CORE Selling Skills you will uncover the question behind the question. You will be able to challenge customers and make them think. By maximizing the customers’ urgency and the impact of your solution, the customers will be moved to action, and that improves the effectiveness of your sales conversations.


Why CORE Selling Skills?

  • Start each meeting well-prepared
  • Influence the customer’s decision-making process
  • Learn how to convince customers of your value
  • Build sustainable customer relationships
  • Improve your sales performance