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Making optimal use of opportunities in the market and making the right decisions based on a highly predictable forecast. That can only be accomplished with a smartly designed commercial process. From the moment your customer is still
a lead, to delivering a contract.

Predictable and effective

In a competitive market, margins are under pressure. Organizations grow more complex and professional all the time. Decisions and deals are influenced by many different stakeholders and internal politics. This makes it increasingly important to maintain an overview and a grip on the entire commercial process. A process in which not just sales, but the entire organization works together effectively and contributes to the commercial power of an organization. It is the backbone of every successful enterprise.

Lead2Contract (L2C) is a turnkey commercial process design. It is an answer to the structuring and management of all commercial activities within an organization. Based on proven Best Practices, it fits every organizational structure. The design phase is based on 9 workshops concerning the most crucial elements.

The result is a commercial process that clearly reveals critical decision-making moments, and shows which people in which role should come together at those times. We finish that off with a toolbox for analysis and a strong strategy for opportunities, accounts, bids and contracts.

That is a lot, and it can be set up quickly, because we have been doing this for over 20 years. Of course you also want to know what the effects of L2C are. That’s why we always provide a dashboard, making results measurable. This makes the impact on your business very transparent!

Why L2C

  • Increase the predictability of your business
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities in the commercial process
  • Optimize the collaboration between sales and operations
  • Achieve efficiency by standardizing processes
  • Quickly set up your entire commercial process in a customer-oriented way