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CORE Case Analysis

Clients don’t need prescription glasses; they need clear vision. They don’t want a drill; they want a painting on the wall. With CCA you translate product features into actual value propositions.

From product to value

Your product only becomes valuable if clients can actually see its value. CCA teaches you to think from the client’s perspective rather than from your product. It’s a tool that determines actual client value and develops a sharp value proposition.


This value proposition is comprised in a sales guide. A concrete handbook with substantial examples specific to your organization. It holds all the ingredients you need to hold a high-grade commercial conversation.

With CCA you put the intrinsic value of your organization into words: a concrete message to sales people in the field, but also to your marketing department. Giving you a consistent story to tell, in line with the company strategy.


  • Linking product to actual client value
  • Promoting a consistent sales story
  • Teaching you to think from the client’s perspective
  • Creating valuable input for product launches and campaigns
  • Creating alignment between sales and marketing teams
  • Moving away from price discussions