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Usually, 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients, so these clients must be cherished. COACH makes it easier to manage strategic accounts.

People are influenced by people

Winning new clients takes a lot more energy than maintaining existing clients. COACH helps you to maintain these strategic accounts, but also to develop them further. It lifts strategic account management to a higher level.

Just like any other relationship, a client relationship requires time and energy to grow. Not just once, but continuously. That is why COACH is not a dry account plan, but a dynamic tool that you refer to time and again. It is based on the five most important considerations a strategic account manager has to keep in mind.

COACH helps in every life stage of the account: from budding relationships to lasting, strategic relationships that are in need of new direction. In this process, you only use the components of COACH that can help you at that moment to further develop the account.

The role of account manager shifts from relationship manager to director. This means you need a complete picture of the account in question, from strategies to investments, from content to network. COACH enables you to connect the right people. Smart use of internal and external networks makes it easier for you to set up a successful account team. An account team that takes the time to develop new, creative ideas that connect people with thought leadership. With COACH you will get the most out of your market’s growth.


  • Lift strategic account management to a higher level
  • Build durable client relationships
  • Stimulate innovative and new ideas
  • Utilize growth potential
  • Bring internal and external organization together
  • Determine a tangible action plan