TIP Trailer Services

TIP Trailer Services offers clients in the field of transportation and logistics all over Europe solutions in leasing, rental, maintenance and repair. They also offer additional services with added value from 70 locations in Europe, spread across 16 countries.

What was the situation?

TIP Trailer Services is ambitious and eager to grow. To realize this growth, many steps have been taken in recent years to optimize the entire organization. In that context, TIP initiated the co-creation of Lead Generation in the summer of 2014. Eric Visser, as Commercial Director Benelux, bears responsibility for it.

The TIP sales team was strongly focused on maintaining existing relationships. There were various reasons why the client portfolio was decreasing instead of growing. All in all it became clear that with the existing client portfolio alone, we were not going to achieve that growth. We were not spending enough time around the table with unknown companies and important prospects to grow. The solution seems straightforward: spend more time prospecting and focusing on new target audiences and clients. In practice, that turns out to be tricky. Especially if you are trying to do this with a new proposition.

In recent years TIP has changed from a product-oriented organization to a service-oriented organization, with supplemental services and tailor-made solutions. This transition also requires a tailor-made solution when it comes to sales. Due to the versatility of the proposition of TIP, this is a complex process. Generating qualified leads at a strategic level demands specific skills and a clear focus.

Why Motion5?

By now, we have been collaborating with Motion5 for a number of years. Motion5 has helped to reform our commercial organization at a European level. Based on that relationship, a plan developed to set up the Lead Generation program together.

Motion5 has the philosophy, structure and capacity to bring us in contact with our most important prospects at a boardroom level. Additionally, Motion5 has proven to be capable of anchoring structures and processes into our organization. That’s why initiating this project seemed like a great idea to me.

Most important results?

By now, a year has passed, and we can look back on good results!

  • Change in mindset. The most important gain is the change in mindset. Motion5 has proven that it is essential to remain around the table with new clients.
  • Concrete opportunities. By creating concrete opportunities, Motion5 has proven that generating strategic leads can be done in an efficient and successful way.
  • Durable anchoring. Lastly, I think it’s important that we have developed a process that is truly anchored in the organization. This way, Lead Generation remains a substantial component of our future sales activities. Motion5 is capable of leaving behind a system anchored in the organization.

I would definitely recommend Lead Generation to other organizations, if, like us, you are in it to build durable relationships with your most important prospects. Or, if you simply want to generate many leads for commodity sales in one go.


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