Claus Kaiser (General Manager Switzerland) and Jean-Pierre Barea (Regional Sales Manager) share their experiences of working with Motion5.

Symbios is a specialist in personalized hip and knee implants, including total joint replacement when conservative treatment options have failed. Every year, more than 5 million hip and knee prostheses help patients around the world regain their mobility. With their 30 years of clinical experience, Symbios produces implants that are individually designed to fit the patient. No person is the same, and that means no hip or knee is the same. “We adapt the implant to the anatomy of the patient, instead of forcing the anatomy of the patient to fit a standard prosthetic hip,” says Claus Kaiser General Manager at Symbios. 

Gamechanger in the orthopedic market

Symbios is the only company in the world that produces individually produced hip implants and one of two that produces individual knee replacements. An absolute game changer for patients and the premiere options for surgeons who want to deliver the best possible care.


Motion5 helps Symbios in achieving their ambitions

Symbios currently operates in three main markets: Switzerland, France and Germany. Furthermore, they have a number of partners and distributors throughout Europe. Their mission is to design custom-made implants and solutions to restore the unique anatomy and quality of life for each patient. “Not just in our current market, but also in other parts of the world. This way we can help orthopedic surgeons to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction,” says Claus Kaiser.


Growth requires stability

Symbios is a family business, founded in 1989 and still run by the same family. “With the ambitious plans we have for growing not just in Switzerland, but worldwide, we realized we needed help,” says Jean-Pierre, Regional, Sales Manager at Symbios. Changing their strategy from Account Management and a small amount of new business to mainly new business with some account management is no easy feat. “Using a standardized procedure when it comes to approaching customers, from lead to contract is important for us to be able to grow on a larger scale,” says Claus Kaiser. “This procedure needs to be well defined and designed in a pragmatical way that is applicable in our daily practice. Easy to use, easy to review with the team so that it helps you decide what actions should be prioritized.”


Fully customized process

Motion5 built a custom program to fit the needs of Symbios, consisting of SPORTSMAN and CORE Selling Skills, fully customized, based on Symbios’ Core Case Analysis.

“Motion5 took the time to understand our market. Our team was able to contribute to the program through in-depth interviews and a CCA session to establish the bigger picture of our market and our unique characteristics as an organization,” says Barea. “This was an important requirement for us, as our market is complex and simply sending us some standardized documents would not have helped us in approaching the market. The program was fully customized to what we needed as an organization.”

The CCA, co-created with Motion5 and the Symbios team delivered a value proposition that is still very valid and applicable months later. “It was great to see how much of a team effort this really was. We got so many great pitches made by several team members. It would be good to consolidate those into one document,” says Jean-Pierre.

Change is never easy. “I think this is the case for every tool or program,” says Claus, “but it’s important that tools become easy to use over time. For a tool to really add value it should make our sales team better at their daily jobs. SPORTSMAN definitely was like that.”


Dynamic stability in COVID times

Last year, during COVID, travel restrictions made things a little harder. During this year some people left the company and we hired 3 new people,” says Kaiser. “It was definitely a little chaotic, but Motion5 handled this very well. For us it wasn’t possible to train the entire team at once, but Motion5 was flexible enough to change the planning of the program, so the new additions to our organization can be trained later. Barea adds: “I agree. The conditions were suboptimal, but Eric Saillard (Motion5) has done a brilliant job in dealing with the difficult circumstances. Motion5 was very flexible and able to set the right pace for us.”


How does Motion5 compare to its competitors?

“One of the main differences in this case was, of course, the fact that it was online, and paced differently due to the pandemic,” says Barea. “But the methodology is also different. It helps you control the different steps of an opportunity. Motion5 helps you rethink the process if something doesn’t work well. While others may just be working from one step to the next, SPORTSMAN encourages you to stay vigilant and review things discussed with your (potential) customer in the past.”

“Other programs teach you how to sell just about anything, but I only use 50% of what I learned. Motion5 is so customized, I can use about 80% on a daily basis”

Kaiser adds: “Something I really appreciated is that Motion5 already has a lot of experience when it comes to healthcare and orthopedic business. This is something you can feel during the training.” He continues, “let me put it this way: most salespeople do more than one sales training over the course of their career; so have I. Most of these have been done in a very generic way, so that you could sell any type of product with the same training. I could only use 50% of what I’d learned. With Motion5 it is very different. It is so customized to our market. I might not be able to sell pens or mobile phones with the Motion5 training, but I can probably use about 80% in my daily business.” The 20% that remains will be applicable to some, but not all customers. Claus tells us they might not use that on a daily basis, but it still adds value to the overall process.

“Our sales team was generally very happy with the program. We got feedback from someone who is just getting started in sales and one of our most experienced team members, both considered it very valuable,” says Kaiser. “In the beginning some of our team members with less experience thought it was a little complicated,” Barea adds. “Changing is not easy, and it took a little while for everyone to understand the purpose of the program. Once we had that clear however, our team unanimously said they found the program very valuable.”


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