P&O Ferrymasters

P&O Ferrymasters is a logistical service provider. Market leader in offering integrated transport solutions for the European industry. The P&O team consists of over 500 experienced professionals, who operate from 22 strategic locations in 12 European countries. This is all managed by Bas Belder, Managing Director of P&O Ferrymasters.

P&O Ferrymasters faced a challenge:

Being a professional commercial organization, capable of trumping the competition and creating continuous growth and prosperity for all stakeholders.

But how? After several reorganizations, which had been implemented to stabilize costs and benefits, client success was still varying. With a new division structure, it was also time to make it more clear and efficient; to make it work. We chose Motion5 as our partner in this process.

Why Motion5?

Asking the right questions. Of course this is an essential quality in sales, but this also turned out to be the starting point for the collaboration between Motion5 and P&O. In 2014, the conversation with Motion5 started. “It was not a theoretical story, but practical, with business-oriented questions. Realistic. It was clear: it was time for the next step.”

 That next step was the Organizational Scan. A quick and easy way to get on board with a course of change, because it was commitment-free. “Why don’t you wait and see what it reveals,” they said.

The way it was conducted really appealed to us. Expertly, realistically, and recognizably, involving not just sales, but a cross-section of the entire organization, with an effect that was utterly confronting in certain respects. But it was an honest representation of the situation.

The outcome was reason enough for us to get started with the Commercial Excellence Roadmap—an investment that impacts everything and everyone, but we were—and are—all behind it.

If I had to compare one of P&O’s products with Motion5? We are experts at transporting and treating steel products. We know exactly what happens; in some cases clients tell us “you guys are more aware of what’s going on then we are ourselves.” That is the success factor. Motion5 operates in the same way. You’ve studied the world of logistics and our business in-depth. That’s what makes you a valuable sparring partner for us.

Most important results?

Motion5 has taken the entire way of thinking and experience of the sales position within P&O Ferrymasters to a higher level. The breakthrough for many people came during the funnel management training. The starting point and basis for SPORTSMAN© and COACH© were good. But what do all those actions mean and how will you translate that to manageability and predictability of clients and revenue?

That is now clear, and it leads to:

  • Structure. Tasks and responsibilities are clear—something that was sorely needed.
  • Commercial flow. There is far more talk of commercial targets—the famous double digit—that is at the forefront of our minds now. Divisions other than operations has become visible. Sales has become more confident!
  • Result-driven. In the beginning, things were too noncommittal. With the arrival of business plans, managers are now focused on results.
  • The guts to invest. P&O has done some major investing: Huckepack trailers, intermodal new trains, our own terminal in Romania. Many developments that create additional possibilities: a combination that boosts sales.
  • People are more ambitious. Where do we fall behind, and what can we do about it ourselves? With the start of Lead Generation, we go from being reactive to proactively entering the market in a focused way.
  • Looking beyond divisions. Due to a common language and structure (CRM, among others), sales now looks a lot more to other products and flows.
  • Expanding strategic relationships. People dare to go much further with clients. They look for ways to expand our business. During a Motion5 review of one of our strategic accounts, it turned out that we had only been looking at a small section of the business. We now lay out the future in more detail, together with the client, helping us gain additional business in other divisions too.


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