For 60 years, Coloplast has developed and produced solutions for Ostomy, Continence, Wound and Skin care and Urology. They do this from a clear mission: ‘making life easier for people with bowel and/or bladder problems’. In 2005, Coloplast launched a ground-breaking therapy (the Peristeen Bowel Cleansing system), which solves, a huge physical, but often also social, problem for many.

From paper to performance

14 years after the launch of Bowel Cleansing in the Netherlands, the therapy is sadly still relatively unknown; about 40% of the potential patient population is not familiar with the therapy. On top of that, only half of all hospitals prescribes the therapy. Coloplast would like to change that!


The past few years, the experienced team of Coloplast Nederland has achieved some good results by putting Peristeen (the product) and Bowel cleansing (the therapy) on the map. A good basis for the next step. In collaboration with Motion5, Coloplast developed a programme around three objectives:

  1. Increase penetration of bowel cleansing as a therapy by wider use of existing ideas & initiatives (from paper to performance)
  2. Create a clear story for stakeholders about the value of the therapy
  3. Expand the network by getting together in coalition form with various stakeholders, not only from the hospital itself but also from elsewhere. From specialists to nurses and from cluster managers to patients


Why Motion5? 

The objectives of Coloplast fit seamlessly with the Motion5’ Sales State of Mind philosophy. Gain market share by (improved) cooperation, make the most of opportunities and add value. And all of this in a short, cyclical, targeted action, building on the existing best practices from Coloplast.


Motion5 started with an analysis of the target group and a selection of the most important hospitals and stakeholders. By adding focus, the project was given a practical dimension. Together with the team, we built a commercial strategy to make bowel cleansing, also in the selected hospitals, a permanent part of daily care. We also translated the existing marketing material into strong value propositions and concrete scripts. With this, the team could immediately get into action!


Harrie Hovingh, Coloplast: “What really surprised me in the collaboration with Motion5, is their flexibility. Sounds nice of course, working short and cyclical, but Motion5 was really able to adjust the plan to reality. The objective was never changed, but they did make some corrections so that we would be able to obtain our objectives.”

Most important results of working with Motion5

“The numbers speak for themselves: we see that the implementation of the therapy in several hospitals has increased, so that more patients receive better care. Motion5 clearly contributed to the result of Coloplast, because we have managed to realize a significant growth in those selected growth accounts. That really shows the added value of Motion5.”


Strengthening our market position

But numbers are not the only result. Coloplast has also strengthened its market position and expanded its network with relevant stakeholder. They have also gained a better and more validated insight into the market. A lot of new information emerged, not only from the hospitals that are new for Coloplast, but also from the hospitals they already thought they knew.



Consultants involved