Biogen is a biotechnology company, specialized in therapies for multiple sclerosis. Biogen is market leader and has made innovation a priority.

What was the situation?

So much has happened in healthcare. The economical, social and political factors influence the market and Biogen, in turn, wants to respond to that market—commercially strong and a cut above the rest. In this commercial development, Biogen was seeking a party that could guide this development in the form of a partnership with tailor-made solutions.

Together, Biogen and Motion5 created a commercial roadmap with programs oriented towards commercial process design, account management tools, selling skills, and last but not least: a program focused on the right professional mindset. This collaboration ran from 2012 to 2014. Hans Knijnenburg, National Sales Manager, played a leading role in this process. Global Biogen now regulates these subjects and initiatives internally.

Why Motion5?

Motion5 gives more than just advice; during the project, they really become part of your organization. For instance, they are involved in cycle meetings, and establish connections by simultaneously working with sales, marketing, medical and management. Their close involvement, combined with a tailor-made program, makes this collaboration fit like a glove. Motion5 knows how to create trust. Because their personal approach is combined with clear agreements and project management. At Motion5, a deal is a deal.

Motion5 does not have a 9-to-5 mentality; they work on a project basis, making it very clear and transparent what the overall program consists of and what the investments are.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, sales teams undergo a great deal of training. To get a group like that on board, trainings have to be a cut above. We managed to realize this in collaboration with Motion5. They have a refreshing and pleasant training method: no gimmicks, just lots of drive and expertise!

Most important results?

  • We have ownership of the process of change. So we can now effect lasting change even without Motion5.
  • The cross-functional collaboration has been stimulated. Mainly through a multidisciplinary account approach.
  • We made a switch in mind-set. The willingness to change is great and we are truly ready for the future.
  • We have changed our market approach. From traditional product sales to a customer-centric account approach.
  • We grew sharper and more critical. The team was already good, but we unlocked more potential.


CORE Selling Skills, COACH, EPA, Lead2Contract.

Consultants involved