Achmea Intermediaire Regie

Achmea is the biggest insurance group in the Netherlands with over 16,000 employees in Holland and about 2,500 more in Europe. Initially, Achmea was founded by farmers. Then, employer and employee organizations, national health services and mutual insurance companies joined the company. These were all organizations with a social role in their respective environments. This has made Achmea’s cooperative nature.

What was the situation?

Achmea works with a number of leading brands like Interpolis, Zilveren Kruis and Centraal Beheer, in addition to FBTO and Avéro Achmea. As such, they operate in various markets to produce the best insurance for their clients. Michiel Krouwer is manager and bears final responsibility for the Division Achmea Intermediaire Regie (AIR), which is responsible for servicing the biggest intermediaries of the Netherlands across divisions.

“…In that role it’s incredibly important to have a uniform work method. This work method must be clearly communicated, both to the market and within the organization. We were looking for a way to work on our strategic relationships in a more systematic an structured way…!” Together with Motion5, we initiated the COACH© program.

Why Motion5?

“…Of course, it’s about finding a match, on a personal and organizational level. A potential partner should get your organization. And Motion5 does.

It’s kind of funny that Achmea works with a relatively small party on such an important subject: professionalizing the entire sales department. That’s saying something! Normally, small parties have a difficult time with us. Motion5 has given middle-up (senior management, the layer below the board) ownership of their success. In the end, it’s these people who have to shoulder the business.

Motion5 isn’t pushing any products. They keep their eye on the specific assignment they were asked to do. They are always focused on high-end sales. They’re not just a training agency holding four sessions, handing out a binder and wishing you good luck. No, Motion5 is concrete and works at a fast pace. It’s a synchronized, integral whole…”

Most important results?

  • A strong sales pitch towards the internal organization. “…Half of sales is selling internally. Especially in a corporate company like ours. We have to professionalize sales, and that begins internally. Especially because of Achmea’s market position and the company’s size, you have to deliver a good story, not half an idea.
  • Development of strategic client and partner relationships. In collaboration with Motion5, this has greatly improved. They have created a framework that offers people guidance every day. This framework distinguishes between the current situation, the short term, and the future in two years. That way, people know how to expand on client and partner relationships with an eye on the future.
  • Confidence and independent thought. COACH© is not a prefab, one-size-fits-all solution—people are challenged to think for themselves. The team has gained a good rhythm, confidence and inspiration!
  • And most importantly: clients react so well to it! It is really special that AIR’s big partners say: this work method helps me shape my own ambition!


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