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ICL France

ICL France and Motion5 have launched a European-based project on the Lead Management and the ability to transform these leads into real opportunities for their salespeople. For ICL, a true market leader, the goal was multiple. Among other things they were looking to better segment the customer base, make efficient use of the data stored in their CRM, refine their marketing campaigns for more effective product cross-selling activity, and the launch of complementary or new products on their installed base or non-targeted market segments.

This project, carried out smoothly with Motion5, allows us to better project ourselves in the management of leads and the coherence of our marketing activity in France, which is well supported by our sales forces.

Didier Moncel, Country Manager France of ICL SF, would like to tell you about his cooperation with Motion5. ICL (Israel Chemicals Limited) a company established in many countries around the world, develops, produces, and distributes fertilizers,  specialized products for agriculture, agri-food, and processed products (Potasse, Phosphates, and others), working for sustainable agriculture.


The inception of the Motion5 project

At ICL’s European headquarters, there was a real desire to make better use of the sales leads generated in various marketing campaigns over the last years and to have a better structured, and more targeted market approach as well as a better sales/marketing department integration.

The French subsidiary, through the voice of Didier Moncel, spontaneously applied to explore this path with the support of Motion5. The primary objective was to improve the follow up of the generated leads and their effectiveness but also to understand how to further integrate this process within the existing CRM (Microsoft Dynamics).


Project development:

After the first phase of the investigation, the project to improve the complete lead management process was officially launched in France, perfectly orchestrated by local management, with strong ownership. This allowed us to move forward at the right pace, consistently with the activity in place and without any major obstacles.

This process led to a rethink of the organization, of the tasks within marketing, and the introduction of the “Lead developer” function. They had the ambition to investigate and develop leads as much as possible and only move real business opportunities to the field salespeople. The project naturally lead to better communication and cooperation between sales and marketing teams and a stronger sales dynamic in France. This impact on our and the improved use of our CRM is really a major change.


How did you experience cooperation with the Motion5 team?

The collaboration with Motion5 has contributed to the demystification of the CRM tool and a more personal approach with customers and distributors, promoting cross-selling at a controlled sales cost. Also, it created a more coherent approach for small-to-medium-sized prospects who had so far little exposure to ICL (except through distributors).

ICL France was happy to have a team that spoke its language and was close to its culture; able to go into detail. The ability to support two full-scale tests of lead generation campaigns, orchestrated under the new model, not only demonstrated the validity of the project but also Motion5’s ability to engage with field people.