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Our mission

Motion5 drives sustainable growth by cultivating a Sales State of Mind.

That’s our mission.


The word Sales always triggers a reaction. And usually not a positive one. We do not like smooth talk or exaggerations. We dislike it when someone tries to sell us something, that we do not need. This is why we feel it is time to redefine the definition of Sales. 

Because we are looking for good products, fresh ideas and applicable knowledge. We want to be stronger and more successful. We want to be part of something we believe in. And we prefer to work together with others. With our colleagues and with our customers. 

Sales is all about connection. Between people and content. That is our definition of Sales. 

This is why we believe Sales is for everyone. From receptionist to managing director. From account manager to product specialist. Everyone has a different role, but we all proudly express the mission of our company! 

Sales is not a word, role or function. It is a state of mind. A state of mind in which ‘yes’ beats ‘no’. In which ‘together’ beats ‘I’ . And doing nothing is not an option. A state of mind is temporary and needs constant attention and focus.

Sales State of Mind focuses on opportunities to grow. Opportunities to work together. And opportunities to bring out the best in each other.

This is what we envision! How is your Sales State of Mind?