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Our history

The start

It’s March 1, 2003 and Peter Rademakers has just laid down his role as CDO and boardroom member at Ordina. Time for something new, he thinks. Together, he and his wife Jacqueline start Motion5. They don’t have an office space, so they simply start in their attic. What they do have is a clear vision.

Going international

We are increasingly focused on big, international clients, and secure two major deals. This enables us to implement our approach and products on a large scale.

Our own approach

Our integral approach and cutting-edge products are launched: something many of today’s clients still work with. Of course they have been fine-tuned over the years. In 2008 Frijke Weeda (Managing Director) joined the team. Peter Rademakers stays on as shareholder and principal consultant.


Our main office is moved from Woerden to Mijdrecht. Here, we work with great pleasure and lots of space. We are proud to receive our clients in our new in-house training facilities. We consider that more personal than a hotel—and more fun too.


Above all, we look straight ahead. With a strong and diverse team that implements sustainable change from various fields of expertise. Today, we are more ambitious than ever.