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A fresh perspective is just as important as a strategic vision. That’s why we look at change from different points of view.  Since this can only be done with a diverse team, we each have our own story and background. What connects us?

The satisfaction we get from our impact on organizations.

Because each and every one of us loves making a difference.

Frijke Weeda Managing Director
Peter Rademakers Founder Motion5
Robert Bartels Consultant
Ilse Kuijlman - Schuring Consultant
Mante Sliepen Consultant
Lennert de Ruiter Consultant
Eric Saillard Strategic Partner
Mariska Eindhoven Sales and Project Support
Jacqueline van Woudenberg Head of Financial Administration
Karen Howard Associate Consultant
Renaat Vermeulen Strategic Partner
Siegfried Kreuzer Strategic Partner
Henri Janssen Strategic Partner
Patrice de Koninck Strategic Partner
Jouke van Dijk Strategic Partner
Kjell 't Hoen Designer
Elena Tavernini Marketing Consultant
Kaoutar El Kaouini Marketing intern