Simple methodologies, which help in Account and Opportunity Management, Lead Validation and creating Value Propositions.









Strategic planning for retaining and growing key accounts

At many organisations, 20% of clients provide 80% of profits. Combined with the fact that developing new clients costs approximately ten times as much effort than managing current accounts, it becomes clear that protecting and growing key accounts is highly beneficial. Large Account Management Process (LAMP®) uncovers how to best manage and grow strategic accounts by bringing the entire relationship into view.

In the Gold Sheet, the tool belonging to Miller Heiman’s LAMP®, an analysis of the company’s current position within actual accounts is made. This facilitates the identification of discrepancies and develop a shared vision between the buying and selling organisations. The Gold Sheet also supports the documentation of long-term plans for managing key accounts and allocating resources efficiently. It presents a method for increasing account retention and long-term stability and growth. The Gold Sheet enables account managers to manage cross-functional teams to clarify roles and responsibilities, boost collaboration, and ensure accountability.

Using the Gold Sheet will:

  • Give a one- to three-year plan to strengthen the account relationship through team selling and client collaboration.
  • Help organisations to determine account revenue potential and how it impacts their selling strategy for reaching set growth objectives;
  • Significantly minimize price sensitivity and competitive threats by managing a client’s perception of the business relationship.


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Leaflet Large Account Management Process (LAMP)